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Welcome To Our Site,

Care Chem Remedies (CCR), the makers of “CURIEN”, has earned the faith and trust of the fish farmers over the last 25years by offering a range of time tested products that are researched, developed and manufactured in our own facility. Use of our products ensures high yield in all types of fish farms.

It is our challenge that the farmers can see with their own eyes that after using our products, the water of the ponds remain healthy, fishes remain disease free and gain weight,in all weather.

Carechem product is in the forefront in the support of the local shrimp farming industry through the provision of quality aquaculture products. Our principle aim is to prevent rather than treat the incidence of shrimp diseases and other health problems. Our product assists shrimp farmers to manage their production.

Client Testimonials

As a Fishery Owner,I must say that all the products of Care-Chem are very useful, specially "CURE-IN" and "BHALO JAL". After using these pruducts we could produce very healthy Bagda Fish and my profit level has increased by 40%.
SUDHIR MANNA, (Fish Farmer, West Bengal)

Client Testimonials

Nothing is more disheartening to a Pond Owner than the Fish Mortality. Last year, I have faced huge monetary loss due to Fish disease and the resultant death in my Fishery. Then I started using "ASCO CARE". It increased the resistance of the Fish to fight disease, repaired the damaged cells and was very helpful in healthy prawn production. Thanks to Care-Chem products. My business is more stable now.
SAJAL MAJI,  Howrah (West Bengal)

Client Testimonials

CURE-IN is a very good product for prawn cultivation. I am using CUREIN and I am very satisfied. I strongly recommend the product for prawn cultivation.
NITAI KAR,(West Bengal)

Client Testimonials

I am using "MIN CARE" of Care Chem Remedies for the last 4 years and it is a "No complaint product". MIN CARE is very helpful in healthy prawn production. Thanks to Care Chem Remedies (CCR).
NIMAI MONDAL, (Fishery Owner – East Medinipur)

Client Testimonials

Mortality of fish depends on a variety of factors namely, low quantity of dissolved oxygen, pollutants, diseases etc. "OXI CARE" of Care-Chem Remedies increases oxygen level in water and is found very useful during prawn harvesting. Myself, Subrata Bal is very satisfied with "OXI CARE"
SUBRATA BAL, (West Bengal)

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IMC Cultivation Products

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